Hi! Welcome to my page

Obviously this page is really a WIP but it'll get to something normal eventually


Currently trying to figure out how to make a gif also a link? Pictures of my cat coming soon! (09/16/2020)

Abandoning the gif link plan, just want to make a link to my cats pictures once I upload them (09/17/2020)

Cat pictures are up! Some images are rotated and I still gotta figure out how to fix that, however enjoy cute Noki pictures! (09/17/2020)

School Assignments (You can ignore these)

It's for school but I'll be figuring out how to upload pictures of my cat, here's a fake news article because bRiGhTsPaCe requires it. King of Yushaba.

This is for labeling copyrights and stuff, the webpage is just images however. Starter Gallery

Click here for the table assingment Mickey Table Work

Click here for the Coloring assingment Coloring Work

Click here for Schedule assingment Schedule work

Click here for the Staff assingment Staff Page

Click here for the Puzzle assingment Puzzle

Click here for the Score Sheet assingment, the directory is at the bottom. Score Sheet

Noki Pictures and Updates

Here you'll find updates and a link to Noki's page! I'll try to update it somewhat frequently Noki pictures

Update: We just got another kitten a while ago but I was too lazy to update, but now you'll find pictures of Marina (Dark and light grey stripes)! We found her at a boat dock and Noki is just getting used to her.